Teens and plastic surgery

Based on recent statistics there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery, though the proportion of young patients under 18 years remains stable. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) the most popular surgeries in 2009 were the non-invasive ones such as hair removal and chemical peels.

The most frequent surgery in this group of patients in 2009 was rhinoplasty. According to plastic surgeons in some cases such an operation may have a positive effect on the mental health of adolescents

How we assess the suitability of adolescents for a plastic surgery

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery based on views of expert plastic surgeons of the American Board of Plastic Surgery who specialize in Cosmetic Surgery, provides guidelines for the appropriate selection of teenagers for aesthetic plastic surgery.

  Assessment of physical maturity

Physicians must assess physical maturity, because operating on a feature that has not yet fully developed could interfere with growth or negate the benefits of surgery in later years.

We examine the patient’s psychological maturity and expectations

The young, like all adults, should have realistic expectations and get to know the pros and cons of an operation and how they can benefit from this.

Check credentials

Find out about the risks involved and the recovery time: The parents and youngsters need to know the process of any intervention, the course of recovery, any limitations, etc.

The most frequent plastic surgery procedures in adolescents

The most frequent operations in people at the age of 18 or younger according to ASAPS statistics are:

Rhinoplasty: The most frequent operation in young people. It can be performed at the age of 13 or 14 in girls and 15-16 in boys when the 90% of their development has completed.

Breast Reduction: It is performed on girls with very large breasts since the weight of their breasts may cause pain of the back and shoulders and thus limit their activity. This procedure is performed on individuals with fully-developed breasts.

Breast Asymmetry: Breast asymmetry is when one breast differs from the other in a bra cup size. The inserts are permitted when the girls become 18 years unless there is reason that dictates reconstructive plastic surgery.

Gynecomastia: Gynecomastia, in some boys, is very striking leading to serious psychological problems. In such cases, surgical operation is indicated.

Geneioplasy-increasing the size of the chin: It is combined with rhinoplasty to achieve better harmony of the facial profile.

For those under 18:

10 years ago, 145,094 operations represented 2.5%
In 2004, 240,682 procedures represented 2%
In 2008, 160,283 procedures represented 1.6%
In 2009, 203,308 procedures represented 2%

The percentage of liposuction is low due to the strict criteria specified.