Financial - economic options

Those interested in a surgery have the following financial options:

1. Pay cash.
2. Pay with a credit card. (all major credit cards are accepted).
3. Through the bank financing credit programs we have at our disposal.
4. Through a consumer loan or issuing a credit card

Choose the consumer loan that meets your budget.

Alpha bank
Piraeus Bank
Attica Bank
General Bank
Commercial Bank
Greek Bank

5. Raising a loan through direct telephone approval for amounts over 3000 euro and lower interest rates than those of credit cards, as well as several repayment options.
A. Eurobank: 2109555555

B. Piraeus Bank: 801-802-803-804, 2103335000


For employees:

  1. Identity card or passport photocopy.
  2. Photocopy of the last tax statement (or E1 with return acknowledgement receipt).
  3. A copy of the last E9 with return acknowledgement receipt. If the client has no real estate, they file a written statement that they "have no property’.

Our financial advisor, Professional Capital, is at your disposal.

Private Medical Insurance

Since there is a wide variety of available private medical insurance contracts, please contact your insurance agent before you visit us.

 They will inform you if the contract covers the operation you are thinking to have. In such cases we can settle the matter directly with the insurance company.